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dimanche 7 mars 2010

Week 9/52

Shrek's culinary attempt

It is rare that Shrek has the time to whip up something. Understandably so because he spends his free time mostly catching up on sleep.
He cooked Penne Bolognaise with a fennel twist (shaved fennels were added to the sauce). It was quite tasty and a good departure from his usual offerings. I have to savour whatever he manages as it is far and few between.

These boots are made for walking !

My kids are especially creative and imaginative. They decided this Sunday as it was too cold and windy and blustery to go out to have some fun with what we have on hand. I have an abundance of shoes. I am a self-confessed and unashamed shoe-a-ho-lic. Needless to say I own more pairs of shoes, boots etc... than I can wear. I mostly wear flats for practicality when dealing with the kids by myself. I reserve heels and uncomfortably giddy stilettoes for when Shrek is on hand to assist me with our rugrats. In short they held a fashion show with catwalk heels and boots from mummy's collection. It was an astounding success. I am stoked they found such good use for my massive footwear collection.

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