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mardi 16 mars 2010

Strawberry friands

Five perfectly separated egg yolks before one cracked and got pierced

Batter waiting to be baked

The friands fresh from the oven

Friands cooling on the rack

A glass of bubbly to accompany the pretty little crowing jewels.

I have made strawberry friands a grand total of 2 times. It is not time consuming or complicated or elaborate, it is just a fuss each time I have to gather up enough courage to brave the tugging at my feet and trousers by a mobile infant. I have not got the luxury of tranquilly going about my business of baking or whipping up a feast without the necessary interruptions and encumbrances of little pitter patter feet hence it is a feat indeed for me to accomplish something so banal as baking these delectable friands.

Another reason is that my oven steadfastly refuses to cooperate and it takes twice as long if not three times to cook something in it and the end result is often disputable. It is unreliable and I have had to use 250 degrees C for everything even if the recipe indicates otherwise. It does not work properly and it is a regrettable purchase that will be replaced when we find something else suitable.

I present my second attempt at strawberry friands in a bout the space of three or more years. I did not take photos of my first attempt as I did not deem it necessary or worthwhile. I am recording my culinary progress... so as to encourage my children and Shrek to take an interest in the wondrous world of home cooking. Apron on Shrek !

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