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samedi 3 janvier 2009

Green thumb

I received a plant for my homewarming back in November and another one end of December. I am hoping that they will last until spring at least. Given my track record at keeping plants so far the plants do not have a very likely chance of survival. I do not have a green thumb though I do think that one does not really need to be to keep two plants from lasting 2 months. I even eschewed the likelihood of wilting from water shortage by spending luxuriously on a pressure sprayer. It is impressive as only enthusiastic gardeners can claim to have this tool.

Plants are complicated and seem high-maintainance: too much water- they die, not enough water they die, too much or too little sunlight they die, exposure to frostbite-death ...the list is endless. I cannot vouch for all their neediness..

I will bestow this all important duty of caring for the plants to my beloved Shrekkie.

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