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mardi 13 janvier 2009

My favourite time-wasting activities

I have a few activities I indulge in when I manage to put the kids to bed and have a bit of time to veg out.

I used to watch completely trashy reality-TV on MTV. I am ashamed...but it passed the time and I did lobotomise after a hard day at the day-care (more like the war-zone) juggling 3 under-6 warriors.
I admit that I find it more and more irritating and annoying and my level of tolerance for such rubbish is at an end.

My new found activities include facebooking (it's so bloody trendy nowadays) and surfing 'celebrity/people' watch sites.

I have had a bad influence on Shrek as he shares this same passion: surfing the 'people' sites....complete rubbish but it makes us feel warm inside to know that without make-up artists, plastic surgeons, beauty salons, stylists and pro photographers who meticulously photoshop these celebs, they look rubbish too...Some of them manage to look worse than hell even with plastic surgery, make-up and money and fame.

My favourite surfing pasttime involves ogling food porn and uhmming and ahming and all the while learning new techniques and tricks of the trade. It has been insightful to discover new ways to prepare the same old ingredients.

Otherwise Shrek is a die-hard techie fan and he reveres airplanes. He is very passionate about a site dedicated to people like him who like plane watching and spend time discussing all aspects of aviation and aerien travel.

I also look at ordinary people's blogs who post mundane daily meanderings because I can relate to them at some level. It is amazing that with the age of technology people all over are reunited by special interests or just pure curiosity. I read these blogs much the same way as I would scan down a celebrity site because the chance of me ever crossing these people in real life is minus zilch. Somehow I feel rather connected by the commonalities, a sense of belonging to this cyber community and disconnected from reality at the same time. It does not foster any relationships but nevertheless it brings some moments of comfort and serenity when strangers are as self-deprecating and dead-pan humorous as I am.

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