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dimanche 11 janvier 2009

My ever burgeoning list of dispensable kitchen appliances.

I have a list of semi-useful kitchen appliances and gadgets/tools. I am more than certain that all of these purchases seemed like a good idea at the time and it was in no way impulsive buying. Scoff scoff...

Below is the non-exhaustive list:

1. The icecream/sorbet maker - I was really eager and excited when I received this as a gift. There were so many ice cream recipes I was inspired to try but the motivation has been replaced by fatigue and other priorities. I have yet to open the carton/packaging which goes to show how useful this machine has been to me.
2. The donut maker: I have not opened the packaging and it is not high on my priority list to do so either. The plus is that is it supposed to be a healthy version of donuts as it does not involve deep-frying. Although the deep-frying sometime is indispensable to the tasty factor.
3. The rotiserrie grill : I recuperated this from my aunt in Vietnam,apparently it consumes a lot of electricity and she had only ever used it once. I myself have used it occasionally since the
4. The bread maker: I have used this sporadically since its arrival in my kitchen. As always it was an acquisition I was very excited to finally secure but it has been sitting dormant in the corner for a little while waiting to be revived. I have not been altogether satisfied with the results it has yielded so far hence my reluctance and hesitation in attempting to give it some more workout.
5. The juice extractor: In theory very healthy and so forth but a bit unwieldy. It is a budget buster as well because it's pricey to extract fresh juice from fruits and veggies. The juice yielded cannot be preserved very long either. I have used it to extract apple and carrot juice but have not been adventurous enough to try with exotic flavours...
6. The Charlotte : A multi-function mincer that minces, shreds and slices and is so versatile it has become Shrek's newest best friend.. He is enamored with it.
7. The coffee machine : Solely Shrek's wake-up call because he is unbearably stroppy, lethargic and utterly unfathomable before coffee. Coffee is his drug.

The next acquisition will have to be essential because the kitchen is becoming crowded with all these needless or semi-useful appliances.

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