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mardi 27 janvier 2009

Shrek's annoying habit

One of the most annoying things Shrek dreads is when somebody dare to put back non-functional (which should have been discarded) office equipment such as ballpoint pens, liquid paper aka Tipp-Ex and so on and so forth into the desk. He then will (because Murphy's Laws dictates) find the futile office supplies when he is in the need of some liquid paper without the requisite brush for instance. What good is a liquid paper bottle when there is no brush? None whatsoever so whoever dared to put it back hoping to recuperate that darn thing will be lectured for at least 20 minutes or so about the futileness of such an act. Their senses will be questioned...They will be forced to squirm as The All-powerful and knowing Shrek points out their deficiency and unreasonableness and question their sense of judgment..

Who knew that by not spending 2 minutes to throw out the said offensive piece of rubbish one will have to endure 20 minutes of hard core lecture from a no-mercy punisher from hell?

One have got to learn one's lessons well.

Do not incite the wrath of Shrek.

2 commentaires:

Fusion a dit…

Me love you quá à bb. Lucky for me I did apologize as I head home tonight. Btw, it's 10 sec vs. 20 min. Ty

Fusion a dit…

I felt much better after having vented my anxiety in that post.

It is rather therapeutic. It's almost as if I am writing an online journal and you responding or mainly just reading and registering my frustrations, my happiness and so on and so on.