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samedi 31 janvier 2009

Shrek's magnifique creation

I have to document one of Shrek's many endeavours in the kitchen. This happened a while ago but I do not recall having posted the 'picture is worth a thousand words'. His efforts were not in vain for I think the meal was forgettable. There is always Better luck next time Shrek. I remember having previously mentioning casually Shrek's tendencies to overdo/overkill the theory of throwing together all the ingredients and hoping for the best. Somehow Shrek needs a refreshment course in the culinary art of preparing simple yet delicious meals.

I forgot to add that esthetically speaking it is rather colourful and appealing. Taste wise I can vouch for its originality and authenticity but tastiness, my memory betrays me...

Although I must admit that I do thoroughly enjoy his 'stir-frieds' and his 'mi xao don' which as luck would have it sometime can have too thick or too little sauce depending on chef Shrek's mood... Need I say more.

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