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mardi 13 janvier 2009


I have long known that this blog is my personal web space and that the only audience I have so far is Shrek. sob sob

It was intended to be my semi-personal journal which would showcase my capacity and potential as a writer but I have discovered that most of the time I am just rambling as I am in no mind to formulate 'something that would appeal to the general masses'.

I have asked myself time and again what separates the merely personal and boring blogs from those that end up with book deals.. (be it a memoir, mostly memoir or foodie)

The answer is I truly do not know. The quality of writing on some of these blogs which have secured book deals is questionable at best. It comes down to the circumstances and luck of the draw. Although it helps if one pretended to be more illustrious/scandalous or have some attributes such as being repressed and finally blossoming into a social butterfly. Although I have noticed that people often mistake commonplace embellishment of scenarios for wit.

A while ago I registered as a writer on Soon after I realised that it was in fact where people could pass off/plagiarise others work as their own. One offer ones services as a writer and one gets such projects as 'essay on history' or short actual university and college papers where the clients want to purchase an essay written by writers on and put their names on these works and submitting them to profs and teachers. I soon lost interest. I wanted to be freelancer not someone paid to do others homework.

I also submitted some original poems to
Imagine my naive jubilation at the fact that all the poems I submitted were selected and awarded the prestigious 'Editors Choice' as well as included in the next publication 'An anthology of poetry' . I realised that anyone who submit any poem will be awarded with an Editors Choice and be subsequently bombarded with invitations to attend the supposed International gathering of poets worldwide as well as ads to buy the pre-published anthologies, plaques, etc short a scam to sell stuff. I lost interest and stopped hoping for my chance to shine with a few published poems to my name.

I have also registered for such hideous parasites as or

Most of these give the impression that one will make money with no capital invested, no work involved just a simple click on an ad and one will be awarded with 'points'. It is a big waste of time as the time invested in these useless and inane activities will render the actual measly gain a futile effort. It is not worth a damn!

My point in venting about all this is that I have many a frustration with all the scams and crap out there. I have learned a thing or two and will be the wiser for it. Although I did fall for these tricks I have not been a hapless pigeon because I did not actually lose anything valuable other than some time....which to Shrek is worth more than money,,.Time is money. Woe woe woe is me

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