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mardi 27 janvier 2009

Where life begins

I do not know where the fascination stemmed from but Petit Suisse asked Shrek a very nasty question on the way to school two mornings ago. It seemed that it went something like

'You know how you put seeds into mummy to make her fall pregnant. How exactly does that happen?'

Shrek admittedly was numbed from the shock of such an insightful question from a young and uninitiated little boy. He subsequently half-heartedly gave an incomplete response

'Well, I kiss your mum at length and it happens like that.'

That was a bullshit answer which sufficed and quenched Petit Suisse's thirst for knowledge or curiosity for the moment because he does not know better...but the question is most likely going to come back more fiercely in a few years time...when biology or the human anatomy is going to be employed. Shrek will then have to revise his theory and give a full explanation as to how seeds are planted and ovulation and fertilisation actually occurs no holds barred... I can hardly wait.

Petit Suisse is such a wondrously curious little boy. Bless his heart.

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