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jeudi 5 février 2009



How many ways I loathe thou

Thou art wretched and despicable.
Thou hath etched an imprint of discontent.
Thou art the epitome of inefficiency
Thou giveth independent service providers a bad name

Thy service art full of impediments and disruptions.

Thou must not enrage more frustrated customers
Thou deserveth to go bust
Thou art the peak of troughs.
Thou hath to be stoppeth.

Thou shall not be the cause of more desolation
Thou shall be the beacon of despair
Thou shall reap the rewards of apathy
Thou shall die a listless, unglorious and painful death.

In memoriam.

I shall revel in thy descend into obscurity and obsoletion.

After the laboriously long and tediously time-consuming procedure that Shrek went through to bring about the downfall of Cablecom aka the worst/most abominable Internet and telecommunications company in the lengthy history of my dealings with net/fone providers I ever have, I now have a grudge against them.

Numerous long winded phone calls to their hotline resulted in frustration, 3 plus long months of waiting patiently for some service being reinstated ended in a rupture of a contract. Their promises to call back, to get onto restoring service as soon as practiceable were empty. They lied to the Ombudsman when pressed for a response as to why they had prolonged the delay. Technically we were still linked to them and the contract stipulated that we have to notify them of our intention to severe the contract at least a month in advance hence we were impeded by this and could not on our own accord sign and start afresh with a new provider.

Shrek filed a complaint with the Ombudsman in order to resolve the conflict. After back and fro letters and emails, it finally ended in a non-resolution and impasse.

I am wholly dissapointed and will vouch for Cablecom's ultimately pathetic customer service. Their server constantly got interrupted...

They deserve to go bankcrupt because not only are they morally corrupt and their non-existent service resulted in lost time and inconveniences for our household, we are sworn off them for life. There can never be a 'NON-service' provider worse than this pitiful bunch of morons!!!

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