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dimanche 1 février 2009


Lately I have been feeling especially desperate as I often time and again find myself under self-imposed house arrest much to my dismay.

I have several reasons for being under such a strict regime of house-arrest.
Baby Moy just caught the nasty chicken pox hence I have to limit my outtings to a minimum. It was snowing and the ground was slippery and wet making it risky business for a mum of 3 and 3/4 kids to manœuvre 2 hyperactive toddlers and a pusher. Lastly Sundays are literally Sabbaticals for Geneva-siders (except Shrek who today is working until very late) rendering it pointless to go out when there is nothing open and not a soul to be found roaming the short not one exciting event to get hyped up about.

Around the time of Little Miss N's birth it was snowing much more heavily. The snow stayed and it was almost knee high and I found myself stuck inside the four walls for weeks on end as Shrek was serving his yearly compulsory term in the Swiss army to carry out his duties as a good citizen. I was frustrated,isolated and felt enclosed and close to breaking point. Who wouldn't when having to deal with a jealous first-born and a crying newborn without any help ?

This time the entrapment is only temporary as I hope to take the kids outdoors and into the wind-swept, frost-bitten cold as soon as is practicable.

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Anonyme a dit…

As for me, I feel entrapped in the chemist for hours with no possibility of leaving my post. This isn't so important after all. What I like most is to be entrapped by you, don't you think?

Fusion a dit…

You said yourself you enjoy interactions with the clients... any routine becomes mundane and one needs refreshments and renewals and to feel reinvigorated all the time.

Fusion a dit…

You are the epitome of the typical male ;)

Anonyme a dit…

Last Sunday was a kind of a nightmare since Hanitra and Katia talked and talked. Plus the fact there were 2 other people sick already. In the end, I was nervous and agressive towards clients, which isn't good. I do enjoy interacting with people, but I want my team to work properly with everyone contributing accordingly to his/her capacity. It's a question of equity.

Fusion a dit…

Shrekkie, I feel your frustrations and am quite comprehensive of the dilemma that is epitomised by the slothful chatterbox Hanitra who instead of shutting her strap and doing her job reins other people into her apatheticism. I agree it is unfair and support you wholeheartedly in your quest for equity.