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jeudi 26 février 2009


All three children have had chicken pox save the yet to be born Ben. The last one being Baby M about 6 weeks ago, Petit Suisse contracted the nasty but innocuous disease in Sydney at the beginning of 2007 but didn't have an explosion like lil Miss N as she had much more exposure from her brother and I was afraid of the lil Poxy creature that used to be my daughter but I could barely recognise as she was ravaged by explosive poxy pimples from head to toe. Sharing is caring... I am recording because one's memory tends to be unreliable with age and I will be asked one day by one of my offsprings if they have in fact been infected with the chicken pox.

So Petit Suisse, lil Miss N and Baby M: you have all been graced by the generous Pox.

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