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dimanche 8 février 2009

Passport photo

I really do dread having to renew my passport for one sole reason: having to have my passport photo taken. I have been unsatisfied with previous photos.The requirements/guidelines are standard: not too far away nor too close, not too dark nor bright, no smiling allowed, neutral expression with closed mouth, hair out of the face etc... It sounds innocuous enough but I spent the good part of yesterday morning getting ready just to look presentable.

The time came when I asked a sleepy and grouchy Shrek (he had insufficient rest) who had not been caffeinated enough to take a series of close-up photos which will be selected, sorted, filtered and developed as my requisite passport photo. He complained about my twitches, my mouthy expression, my turned-up nose, my uncooperative and unruly hair...etc... I got a bit fed up and just wanted him to take the photo already. Which he did take : close to twenty. I dread for the most part the results because I somehow do not find myself very photogenic in these awkward shots. I think the strict guidelines (which are necessary because otherwise noone would be able to stick to a standard) contribute to the unattractive (for the most part) attribute and it is mighty difficult to capture a good/photogenic or attractive shot of most people given such circumstances. Shrek did capture an OK looking me...albeit tentatively speaking because I believe that I am capable of looking damn good... (may sound a little vain but it's the truth) and yet in passport photos one would be forgiven for thinking that is contrary.

Thanks to Shrek's mighty effort, patience and understanding I have 2 acceptable prints that proves to be not too much of an eyesore.

The results speak for themselves...I just have to wait for the Australian passport office/embassy to accept that it is coherent with their stringent rules.

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Anonyme a dit…

2 hours for a couple of acceptable passport fotos, wot a shame, isn't it? Shrekkie went himself to the MeyrinCentre to get it printed for Precious Princess Fiona

Fusion a dit…

I submitted 2 different passport photos (grace à efforts de Shrek) and one was rejected because there was a hint of red-eye. The more cringe-worthy photo (to me) was accepted.

Next passport photo session hopefully in 10 years time.