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mercredi 11 février 2009

Tentative first steps

Baby Moy's first few drunken or wobbly steps reminiscent of a duckling were registered but his milestone has been marred by 'déjàvu' by which I mean he is the third child in a series and somehow whether I would like to admit or not the novelty has worn off somewhat.

This by no means take away from his feat. I still got excited albeit a tiny little bit less than the first time I caught and captured on film Petit Suisse walking his tentative first steps.

In time Baby Moy will mark his place in the world and be remarked by his own unique footprints. When they are babies the little milestones are remarkable but after the first year the leaps and bounds are more far and few between.

In fact Baby M's first few drunken master steps seem to have taken place so long ago and I've only recorded it now...

He's got a grand total of eight bunny like slightly crooked teeth : four on the upper and four on the lower gum.

He recently learned the art of smacking his lips onto my cheeks at request (more like coaxing, blackmailing) and Shrek's with less frequency.

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