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samedi 28 février 2009

Lil hurricane

I have a lively and hyperactive hurricane that goes by the seemingly innocuous name of Baby Mini M. He loves wreaking havoc everywhere he goes. He cannot help himself as he naughtily and surreptitiously empty my kitchen cupboards, rearranging the contents and rendering it impossible to trace the missing items for he has hid cans..etc God knows where. He rather unintentionally but proudly mess up the living room and our study/bureau/storage room. Moreover he continuously whirls and swirls leaving a trail of litter and rubbish in his wake. He does a fantastic job of sabotaging and wrecking whatever motivated and concerted efforts I put into house keeping

He makes my life just that little bit more difficult as I futilely tidy and clean up after him. All the while he maintains that mischievous smirk on his face. He is still adorable even when he exhausts me so... I just wish he would be a bit more considerate... sigh sigh

He is little in size but big on damage. I think his new nickname should be Lil Tassie Cyclonic Devil. It fits him like a glove. I do hope he does improve with age and turn out surprisingly angelic. Yeah right I am daydreaming as I am oft inclined to do.

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