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lundi 16 février 2009

Reflections of a 30 year old

I wanted to document by way of my blog some of my feelings on turning 30.

Frankly I do not feel like it makes any difference whatsoever now that I have turned 30.
Age is but a number and all that makes a difference is how we feel. Although physically age does have a connection with our biological clocks (especially for women). I do not have any problems though as I have more than done my fair share of reproductive duty and populating/propagating Shrek and my genes for at least another generation.

Physically I do not resemble my age. I still look relatively fresh and wrinkle free. I am by today's standard an extremely young mum who can still turn heads and stand out in a crowd. Shrek (humour me )

I do struggle with the whole paradox that demands women to be super working mums juggling a professional career with that of home duties and children rearing. I have four children to keep me on my feet and occupied.
I do not feel particularly wiser than I did at my 21st birthday which supposedly marked my entry into adulthood. I just know that I am armed with life's experiences and am more likely to make more informed decisions than before.

I hope to overcome the complexes that come with age: i.e. getting wrinkles and sagging and ailing health and little nicks and crooks.

I want to age gracefully and with the least pain. Hope keeps you alive as Shrek so often repeated.

I will continue hoping and doing everything I can in my power to try and slow the aging process.

30 is supposedly the golden age for women or so I have been told. Here is to me and my teetering adventures as a 30 year old!!! Oy Oy Oy

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