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jeudi 5 mars 2009

25 random things about me

1. I can be an extremely frivolous and trivial girl who loves to indulge in all manners of speaking. Alas I do not get the chance to indulge in my friviolity much since becoming a mum.

2. I am afraid that 25 random things is a bit much yet on the other hand it is a bit restrictive as I have to narrow it down to 25 and not just leave it to be a random number of random facts.

3. I was the idealist in my university years and have now begrudgingly become the realist since greeting obstacle after obstacle in my path... I have had to abandon some of my ideals

4. When I was in high school I used to be enamoured with America and the American way never having seen it in first person. Now I cringe and have pretty much had a 180 degrees flip in my newfound anti-American sentiments, I like most of the world have become aghast and possess a disdainful distaste for their 'centricism'.

5. I mistakenly thought in high school-my formative years that Poetry was (I will now embarrassingly admit) ALWAYS supposed to rhyme. Luckily I have discovered that that is not the case at all and that poetry is what one makes it...not so much based on the rules.

6. I love taking long baths preferably with bath salts or perfumed products as I find them relaxing and appealing. I have yet to try rose petals to be lavish but I think that Shrek is lacking in the romance department and need to be told rather than just intuitively/instinctively guess that I would like a bath filled with rose petals for grand occasions.

7. I have discovered a new found passion for cooking, baking and tweaking recipes. The only problem is I have toddlers who cannot let me have a tranquil few hours as to peacefully try all these scrumptious recipes I am dying to give a go without being interrupted every few minutes or worse yet tugging at my pants/legs and making it near impossible for me to get anything done.

8. I abhor being referred to as a housewife and stay at home mum.

9. I want to instill a sense of resourcefulness in my children so that they are equipped with real life and basic survival skills and can fend for themselves.

10. I can sometime be self-defensive when Shrek starts pushing my buttons.

11. I attended a Catholic girls only high school and hated it . I did have some interesting experiences there but for the most part I thought it was an absolute waste of my mum's money to send me there. I did not obtain a better education there than one I would have gotten from a local public school.

12. I was part of the debating team for several years and I did excel academically but was prone to laziness...and as my teachers often complained I was undermining my potential and capacity due to lack of commitment and effort.

13. I secretly wish I was a public speaker. I am quite good at improvising on the spot and think I would make a confidently convincing spokesperson.

14. I am frugal and like to economise whenever I can thus Shrek deems me fit for inclusion as a honoured member of a site dedicated to tricks on saving money (more like being stingy). I tend to agree partly because I think that one can use money much more wisely and binge on the little luxuries or indulge oneself in other areas such as travel...etc

15. I blatantly and brazenly want to wear fur coats and eat foie gras and frog legs and think that some ecologists are a bunch of hypocrites. I do not claim to condone animal cruelty but I just think that there is oversensitivity when it comes to maltreatment of animals. I believe that there is a majority of the world's population mainly third-world citizens who are subjected to much worse conditions of living.They are starving and deprived of basic necessities as well as being treated worse than most domestic animals in the developed nations: slave labour to name just one example. I feel passionate about the plight of these people and will admittedly prefer to alleviate their sorry conditions than to worry about geese and ducks being force-fed and furrets or foxes etc being skinned for their fur...I think the PETA and such similar organisations are misplacing their zeal. Get a grip and some sense idiots and stop stoning people for daring to wear fur or eat foie gras and find a real cause to fight for !!!

16. I am a paradoxical dichotomy: eastern beliefs and hierarchies with western influences and western education with eastern upbringing.

17. I will try to avoid the pitfalls that my mum fell into and etch out a path that is uniquely my own.

18. I would like my children to feel loved and nurtured but realise that I am more than a mere nurturer and home-maker.

19. I do not believe that a mother who never yells at her children is the ideal I want to strive for. On the contrary I think that if a mum is always gentle and docile that she is holding back rage, anger and that it will blow up and explode when she can no longer put a lid on it. She will eventually vent her frustration with dire consequences.

20. Mothers who from time to time lose it and express their true feelings are not failures and no guesses as to which genre/group I fall into. My mum lost her temper and patience at times but this did not diminish her as a loving mum or dissipated my love and affection for her. I still saw all the sacrifices she made and the love she gave. I try to be honest with myself and my children as to how I feel. I hope that my concern for them transpires into them realising that I want the best for them and that I am a flawed and imperfect human who does not try to pretend otherwise. I am therefore conveying to them that human beings are not perfect so do not fear failure or expect perfection from anyone.

21. I am a chocoholic with a sweet tooth and so far Petit Suisse seems to have inherited this trait from me. I also love seafood and this has transpired in Lil Miss N's eating habit. She adores oysters and fishes and in short all living objects from the sea are eaten with immense pleasure. Baby M is a gourmand, a real pig and glutton who true to his Chinese zodiac sign-the Pig will engorge anything put before him.

22. I detest people who make promises they never intended to keep or who raise expectations they never intended to fulfil.

23. I do not have an absolute favourite movie since I rarely watch movies.

24. I have become the mum who cannot help but talk incessantly about her children like a devoted mum should.

25. I am most afraid of losing my own identity whilst trying to assist and guide my children into finding their identities and themselves.

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