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vendredi 27 mars 2009


Shrek has made some improvements re my maternity stays. It took him only four tries to get it almost right. Almost because it was not quite but nevertheless I appreciate the efforts he made in getting the house in order for my return from the maternity. I highly appreciate because it might not seem like much but it was still a surmountable mountain.

It is wondrous and amusing how I was the one delivering a baby and Shrek was visibly exhausted from watching. His excuse was he had not slept properly for days. Newsflash neither had I...and he had not experienced the pain before, during and after and the final hours of pushing which ended in joy because I would have been mighty upset to have to go through C-section after all that had taken place...the long and arduous wait and the prolonged suffering.

It's over and Benben is finally here and that's what matters most finally.

Also the children were fed and lobotomised... but once again it was reassuring that at least he was able to feed and lobotomise the children, no baths etc... or surplus, just the basics but that'll do.

Thank you Shrek for your gestures...

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