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jeudi 12 mars 2009

The growing list of inedibles

I have discovered yet again another chalky cheese to add to my list. This time it is a Tessinois cheese by the name of Lati. Avoid it at all costs.

Another malediction is the unfathomably horrible apple variety drumrolls 'Pommes (Canada) Reinnettes' It is simply gross. Eat it at your own peril. It was barely palatable when juiced using the centrifugeuse/Solis juice extractor and normally any fruit or veggie is rendered rather delectable when passed through the juicer. The resulting juice resembled an ugly coloured 'liquid caca'. Needless to say that I have been traumatised for life by the Pomme Reinnette and will never dare to buy this variety again. It would serve as a great case against all apples. It has my vote for worst apple/fruit variety.

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