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jeudi 12 mars 2009


Morning has broken
Grey sky is the norm
Begins impending Routine
Public transport, toil, sleep for certain.
Urgings, change of clothes and school for others

Rumpled demeanour of a bed-head
Ding ding ding dong rings the school bell
Quick shuffle and peck.
'See you at lunchtime'

Trot, trot, trot homebound
Food preparations
Chop, chop, boil, steam or stir-fry
Stew, sautée or sauce it up

Ding ding ding dong signals the imminent lunch break
Dispersed kids spatter about scrambling and searching awaiting parents
A hot lunch or cold meal awaits on the table.

Back to school
Back home again at the tick of four o'clock

Back and forth, back and forth
Round the clock Beckoning

Shower and bathtime intertwine
So refreshing

Between laundry, kitchen,dishes and general cleaning up
Duties dictate chores that bore never end.

Attempts to rehash some old concepts
Teaching new lessons
Lots of yelling, heaving and sighing
Practice some more

Constant distractions
Tiny tot clambering at every opportunity
No chance of undisturbed tranquility or even peace

Finally the end of the day nears
Dinner, toothbrush, storytime, prayer
Off to bed

The daily struggle of a stay at home mum.

Always physically exhausted and mentally drained

Tomorrow it all starts again

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