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lundi 2 mars 2009

Random tidbits

1. Lil Miss N has a weakness and particular fondness for gruel/porridge/baby bouillie which I myself cannot bring to eat. She doesn't even mind Taz's leftover mashed veggies/potato. Petit Suisse and I are both repelled by what she considers 'miam miam'.
2. Baby Mini M/Taz's doudou is his milk bottle. He will snuggle up to it and drift off into sleep. None of my other offsprings had any attachments to toys esp soft toys that they snuggle up to when falling asleep.
3. Petit Suisse being the fastidious eater that he is will most reluctantly only eat fish at our utmost urgings and persuasions that it is good for him. He eats but does not enjoy it one tiny bit.
4. I have discovered a déguelasse fromage St Paulin. It is beyond bland and Shrek had to muster every bit of 'want not,waste not' mantra with regards to food being precious to eat it one lil bit at a time til the whole thing was finished. I had trouble eating it as well, it was worse than chalk. bleghhhhh I love Munster on the other hand and Shrek's feet after a long day at the pharmacie is reminiscent of this potent smell. Munster has an unmissable overpowering scent that has been compared to smelly feet but I rather like the pungent taste.
5.She is not yet born but Ben is already a savvy lil soccer player or gymnast. I can see the outline of her tiny feet/hands pushing from the inside to leave a bulge on one side of my huge as a whale tummy.
6. Feeling sexy whilst pregnant is rather mission impossible for me as I can no longer see my feet or flexibly and dexteriously bend down. It puts a new spin on bedroom sports.

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