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dimanche 15 mars 2009


While my mum is becoming acquainted with the Interweb for the first time, her grandchildren are already light years ahead and I have to compete with them for the use of the computer during their waking hours.

They say necessity is the mother of invention or in my mum's case necessity creates a desire to exploit the web's wonderful and powerful tools like that of Skype/yahoo messenger and webcam facilities to keep in touch with her grandchildren who are 2 continents away.

I guess that technology is progressing at lightning fast pace and the older generations have a difficult time keeping up. Given the circumstances and necessity of keeping in touch with family who are separated by several oceans my mum has decided that it's time to try her hands at communicating via the miraculous Interweb. She still has a long way to go before she can navigate through simple menus and openly access whatever she needs on her own accord without a third party but still it's a huge step for her.

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