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dimanche 29 mars 2009

Benben's birth

To be accurate and concise as much as possible I have decided to post Ben's delivery while it is still fresh in my mind.

Leading up to D-day I had been experiencing severe pelvis pain which was due to the pressure Ben usurped and exerted upon my uterus. She was apparently very eager and in position to be born.

Just as Shrek and I were finishing up our tax declaration I started to get regular contractions at 10 minute intervals. I waited as instructed by the maternity as there was no imminent birth just yet. I had figured that since it was my fourth delivery it would be relatively painless and rapid. How I was proven wrong from the outset. It was the longest and most straining experience and given all my credentials and experience nothing went according to prediction.

At 2am my water broke and this meant that I had to go to the maternity as it was the point of no return. I had to give birth naturally or be provoked. I still had some contractions but the intensity and regularity did not warrant that I would give birth right away. So began the long arduous wait. At this point in time I was very anxious and wanted to get it over with already. Had the mid-wives provoke me with a lil bit of pill popping I would have been on my way but alas no they wanted to let nature take its course. Shrek accompanied me for the 12 hour wait which seemed more like several eternities to me. The contractions definitely calmed down and I then had to be provoked by injection of ocytoxin. Contractions came but my uterus collar had not dilated much. After several hours and endless contractions later the midwife who was assisting me found the cause my unpunctured water pocket had impeded Ben's descend and she was yo-yoing back and forth on this cushion which meant that labour could not get started properly. She promptly punctured the water pocket and I dilated much better. Time came for the finale: Push, push and push some more. Alas my pushing efforts were in vain because Miss ben was playing hide and seek and decided to look up at the sky instead of down below. She was in a transverse position and two gynecologists plus two midwives attempted to guide and change and twist and turn her to a more obliging position. Anyway two hours later, an out of breath and exhausted beyond belief me was finally assisted by the ventouse (suction cup/device) and with some screaming Ben was born. When I saw her head pushing through the threshold and I pushed a few more times so that she was completely detached from me save the umbilical chord I instinctively knew that it was over and there was a sense of soulagement and relief that brought all the months and hours leading up to this very moment worthwhile.

My overriding conclusion for Ben's pregnancy is that it was pain-stricken
before, during and after but it was definitely well worth it.

I am just glad that I can put all my pregnant and childbirth experiences behind me because Shrek has done a decent thing and ensured (to the best of his ability) I will not have to worry about contraception from now on. If all the previous hardship with childbirth and raising kids had not dampened my spirit and put a conclusive demise on my attitude towards having more kids then this one singular experience alone would be the final straw on the camel's back. No more.

So Benben one day I hope you will be able to read my thoughts and feelings regarding how you came into this world.

Lovingly yours,

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