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dimanche 15 mars 2009

Sew, a needle pullin thread !

Shrek is a consumate garment adjuster when called for. He shortens hems, expands and fixes chemist labcoat's flaps, make button holes and most of all use a sewing machine etc... He is a rare pearl indeed because in this day and age one will be hard pressed to find a person let alone a macho man (with a feminine eye for detail) willing and able to adjust and tailor garments/clothing to meet his needs.

I cannot begin to say how totally clueless I am when it comes to sewing.
One cannot seek for perfection. Perfection does not exist and so I am not an all-rounder who can hem.

I do have lots of graces and strong points in other areas to make up for my shortcoming. I am a consumate lover.

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