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jeudi 5 mars 2009

You get what you despise most!!! is a web site that Shrek thinks is the perfect embodiment for me. I'd tend to agree... after all being frugal is a virtue these days especially after the worldwide financial crisis which swept the world and taught us all that bankers and traders should be the next têtes de turc. They really deserve the title with merit as greed and the insatiable desire to attain higher returns ended in catastrophic havoc.

One has to be careful with how one spends money nowadays as it has been a growing trend of late to buy smartly and get more for your money's worth as exhibited by the low-cost end of the spectrum encompassing airplane tickets: easyjet,jetstar..etc, cars-Dacia Logan and all No-frills consumables- Homebrand,M-Budget,Prix-Garantie...etc...etc

The gamut of spending dictates that one must not spend more than one earns if one is to stay afloat and debt-free.

For someone who is revolted by radins (stingy folks) Shrek's entourage (family, friends and acquaintances) seems ironically overflowing and burgeoning with radins galore. Such is life's luck hey Shrek? There is a Vietnamese saying which roughly translates to 'You always get what you detest' or 'You will be blessed with your anathema'.

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